Power boiler industry
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At present, the annual coal consumption of thermal power generation in China is about 1 billion tons, and the emission of smoke and dust from power plants is about 4 million tons, accounting for 35 percent of the national industrial smoke and dust emissions. Of these, the emissions of fine particles (less than 10 μ m) exceed 3 million tons. At present, more and more thermal power plants use bag dust removal, which can realize boiler flue gas bag dust removal on the premise of ensuring the normal production of power plant generating units. The dust emission concentration is less than 30 mg / m3 (film mulching treatment can be less than 5 mg), which meets the requirements of new emission standards and total amount control in thermal power plants.

There are three main types of boilers:

1. Laminated boiler

The most common is the chain furnace. Excessive air is introduced from the bottom of the coal seam, resulting in a large amount of soot and so _ 3 in the flue gas. Fine coal ash particles will absorb a large amount of so _ 3, which is easy to form acid condensation. Special attention should be paid to the selection of filter materials. We recommend the use of PTFE deep impregnation.

2.Fluidized bed boiler

In a fixed fluidized bed boiler, air enters from the lower part of the fuel layer and the fuel layer is blown into boiling state.

In a circulating fluidized bed boiler, a large number of particles are blown away from the fuel layer, and the combustion particles are separated by a material separator and returned to the furnace.

All fluidized beds allow lime to flow directly into the furnace, This can remove the SO2 from the flue gas up to 90%. The relatively low temperature makes the content of Nox in the flue gas higher than that of other combustion modes. So PPS is the best solution for dust removal in the fluidized bed boiler system because of its good performance-to-price ratio.

3.Pulverized coal boiler

The pulverized coal is fed directly into the furnace. The pulverized coal burns in suspension, but does not reach the ash melting point. As a result, a large amount of coal ash enters the flue gas, and the melted pulverized coal particles solidify into very small glass spheres. And it''s very low in carbon. It''s very difficult for these very fine particles to accumulate, so we recommend using ultra-fine fibers, which can filter fine dust on the surface. In the case of high temperature combustion, high concentration of NO2 gas can be obtained by filter selection of PPS P84 or other high temperature composite filter media.

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