Press filter bag
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Filter cloth product range, including monofilament and multifilament, discuss and multifilament synthetic fiber mix and other innovative products, designed for filter press. Our products through the use of a variety of polymers to meet the requirements of all chemical, including polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA66, PA6,), polyester (PET), to achieve the optimal flow rate, water content and filter cake washing characteristics on the premise of particle entrapment.

To this, all the media:

Through calendering processing provides excellent filter cake removing the smooth surface

Appropriate heat setting process to ensure the stability of size

At this stage, monitoring air permeability to continue to ensure consistency and reliability as well as the pore size distribution of the production line.

Monofilament filter cloth

FS_Fabrics & Media_Sefar Tetex Mono 03

Good filtering performance and better filter cake off performance

Multifilament filter cloth

FS_Fabrics & Media_Multifil 03

The highest particle entrapment effect and good mechanical resistance

In order to filter cloth for different customer demand, such as filter plate size, weight of filter cake, the effect of particle entrapment and capacity. We have been dealt with the following in the middle of the production.


FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Metallic eyelets

Standard sleeve

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Barrel neck

Border seal

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 04

Border glue, suitable for no drop leak

Border to contribute

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 15

Avoid leak of special purpose, such as iron

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