P84 needle felt
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The filter material has the following three distinctive features:

1. Significant temperature resistance; operating temperature 260 ° C, but with a safe space to cope with downtime and accidents.

2. Good chemical resistance; the filtration value of P84 filter bags for acid waste gas has been confirmed in the waste incineration operation in the past ten years.

3. Low backwashing pressure and high bombing efficiency; P84 characteristics are significantly due to the fineness of the fiber itself, and the surface area of the fiber is increased to the maximum due to the irregular cross section of the fiber to provide a large amount of pores to the surface filtration effect. Better than depth filtering. The dust only stays on the surface of the filter mat and cannot penetrate into the filter mat. Therefore, the backwashing pressure is small and the filter cake bombing efficiency is remarkably improved, and the fine fine particle collection efficiency is excellent and the working pressure difference is small.

Application: P84 filter material has obtained rich application experience in gypsum plant, cement plant, garbage incinerator, liquid fluidized bed boiler, coal-fired boiler and other working conditions.

Fiber composition


Base fabric






Breaking strength


≥ 1100N / 5cm


≥ 1300N / 5cm

Elongation at break


≤ 30 %


≤ 40 %

Air permeability ( m3/ m2 · min )


260 °C meridional dry heat shrinkage rate

< 1 %

440 °C latitudinal dry heat shrinkage rate

< 1 %

Continuous working temperature

260deg °C

Instant working temperature

280deg °C

Surface treatment

Heat setting, singeing, calendering

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