Oil-proof and water-dedusting bag
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In bag filter operation process, for dust contained more moisture in the gas and oil and moisture absorption and deliquescence of dust, can generate in the dust on the surface of water or increase adhesion of oil film, it helps to trap dust, but will make the ash removal difficult. Especially the high temperature gas and is in a state of high humidity, due to the cooling effect of the external gas condensation phenomenon. This not only can make the dust catcher scale formation in the surface of filter bag, even congestion, but also material corrosion structure, increase the filter resistance, directly affects the normal operation of the bag filter. Because of this, ordinary filter material must have further improve on the function, in order to apply the special working conditions, prevent or reduce dust paste bag, prolonging the service life of filter material and the work efficiency.

In recent years, our company chooses reactive fluoride additives for polyester, polypropylene, anti-static needle felt aramid fiber needled felt all kinds of filter material such as post-processing, has obtained the ideal effect of repellent oil. Repellent oil level test not only meet the national standards, and shall not affect the original appearance style and internal indicator of needled felt.

Repellent oil mechanism: prepared with reactive fluoride additives mixed working liquid impregnation, working liquid and the filter material react certain groups in the fiber macromolecular structure, the formation of macromolecular chain, change and properties of the fiber and water, oil, reduce the surface tension of the filter material, dropped to less than the surface tension of water and oil, repellent oil in order to achieve the purpose. All kinds of filter material after repellent agent treatment, can form a molecular barrier around the fiber surface, can prevent the water and all kinds of oil dirt on echo penetration. Compared with ordinary filter material, not only with repellent oil properties, and to dust, but also has the caking property and easy to stripping resistance. This product is especially suitable for southern China or rainy areas and humidity of the air filter.
Production process: fiber opening - comb fold - net - to acupuncture - the main acupuncture - calender - dipping repellent oil working liquid - baking - heat styling - finished products

product name

Polyester water and oil resistant needle felt

PPS water and oil resistant needle felt

Fiber composition

Polyester staple fiber 2.2D/1.56D

PPS staple fiber  2.2D100 %

Base fabric

Polyester filament

PPS staple fiber







Water resistance level

Level 4

Air permeability( m3/m2/min@12.7mmH2O )


Warp strength  (N/5cm)



Weft strength  (N/5cm)



Longitudinal elongation at break

35 %

35 %

Latitudinal elongation at break

45 %

45 %

Continuous working temperature

130  °C

170  °C

Instant working temperature

150  °C

232  °C

Surface treatment

High temperature hot pressing setting and hair

Singeing calendering, water and oil repellent treatment 

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