Refuse incineration industry
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The waste incineration exhaust gas treatment must use bag type dust collector, but its working condition is complex and changeable, it is easy to occur various kinds of damage or even failure in practical application. We suggest that customers choose 100 PTFEs first, in order to apply the following characteristics of bad working conditions:

1, the temperature is unstable, generally 150-200 ℃, sometimes as high as 250 ℃.

2, the grinding ability is extremely strong, the filter material must have the certain wear resistance.

3, the water gas is large, the environment is humid, the dust turns to tide and agglomerates, binds, the filter material must have the stronger resistance to the water gas;

(4) the oily substances produced in MSW incineration mainly come from the uncertainty of the oily substances in the MSW itself and the oily components produced in the starting of the furnace or the fueling and combustion-supporting.

5, the oxygen content is high (the main oxidizing substance is O _ 2O _ 2NO _ XO _ 2 Fe _ 2O _ 3, etc.), it has very strong oxidizing property, sometimes as high as 15-30%.

At the same time, choosing 100%PTFE has the following advantages:

1.To meet the new national environmental standards and the increasing demand for environmental requirements.

2 the effective way to control dioxin. The current national standard for dioxin emission is 1ng-TEQ / Nm3, and the local standard for developed regions such as the Yangtze River Delta has been raised to 0.1ng-TEQ / Nm3.

3. it can ensure that the system operates in the safest and most stable state. According to the investigation, in the 50 or so garbage power plants currently in operation, the use of filter material is not optimistic, the bag breaking, the resistance is high, the oxidation is high, the film is removed... the reasons for the quality of the cloth bag are not optimistic. Operation reason of boiler / dust collector

However, 100%PTFE has a strong adaptability to operating conditions, which can ensure a stable and safe operation for a long time.

4.saving investment cost control, running stability and long life of PTFE can reduce the labor cost of bag exchange and save the shutdown cost of boiler for bag changing, which shows very high application value.

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