Blended antistatic needle felt
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When the concentration of industrial dust reaches a certain level (that is, explosion limit), it is easy to cause explosion and fire if the electrostatic discharge spark or external ignition occurs, such as surface dust, chemical dust, etc. In the field of bag dust removal, if such dust needs to be collected with cloth bags, it is required that the filter material used to make dust-removing bags is antistatic. Our company absorbs and digests foreign technology. According to the needs of domestic blast furnace gas coal mill dust collection and cement factory coal dust collection and other industries, antistatic needle piercing filter felt and filter cloth were developed and produced.

The production of an antistatic filter cloth, in addition to having a process for producing ordinary needle felt, requires the incorporation of conductive fibre yarns in the warp yarn of the fabric base for the production of needle felt or the mixing of conductive fibres or conductive materials in chemical fibres, Our company can produce these two kinds of antistatic filter cloth. Our anti-static needle filter felt and filter cloth are in the leading level in our country and have been tested by authority department.

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