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Filter media-the heart of a filter press
In the selection of filter media, Sui Tower''''s comprehensive filter media types will provide you with a variety of options. We will also provide you with the best solution according to years of experience, to ensure a tailor-made technical solution. We press the filter media. Anti-corrosion and other post-processing, processing sewing molding to meet the specific needs of different customers, to achieve increased flow rate, clear filtrate, dry filter cake and other filtering effects. According to the needs of customers, select the correct filter material, provide perfect maintenance services, Will bring you the following perfect returns:
Increase productivity
Increase in flow and capacity
Reduce cycle period
Perfect cake removal effect
Effective reduction of cleaning frequency
Low pressure difference
A clear filtrate
Dry filter cake, optimum artificial efficiency
Maximum lifespan of filter material
prolong the service life of the filter plate
The cost is greatly reduced
Media selection:
Needle felt filter material: Fluners 806, polypropylene and superfine polypropylene
Filter cloth: according to their different materials can be divided into polyester, vinylon, polypropylene, nylon and cotton and other several types
Type of material that filter press can filter:
We provide all kinds of synthetic fiber filter cloth made by textile. Besides, the filter medium also includes cotton spinning cloth, non-woven fabric, screen screen, filter paper and microporous membrane, depending on the actual filtration requirements. For technical services, please contact us
Chemical industry: dyes, pigments, caustic soda, soda, chlor-alkali salt mud, white carbon black, saponin, graphite, bleach powder, stand powder, phosphor, potassium chlorate, potassium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ferric hydroxide, water purifier (aluminum sulfate, polyaluminium chloride, Basic aluminium chloride)
Medicine: antibiotics (chlortetracycline, erythromycin, spiramycin, berberine, oxytetracycline) calcium phytate, Chinese medicine, inositol, Glucoamylase.
Food: yellow rice wine, liquor, juice, beverage, beer, yeast, citric acid, plant protein, plant honey sweet, glucose, oral liquid, soy milk, seaweed.
Metallurgy: gold, silver, copper, iron ore, zinc ore, rare earth, ultrafine calcium carbonate, nanometer calcium carbonate, and other powder processing.
Refining: White oil, sesame oil, light oil, glycerin, mechanical oil, vegetable oil.
Clay: kaolin, bentonite, active soil, porcelain clay, electronic ceramic soil.
Sewage treatment: chemical sewage, smelting sewage, electroplating sewage, leather sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, brewing sewage, pharmaceutical sewage and various domestic sewage

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