Asphalt smoke industry
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Smoke characteristics of Asphalt flue Gas system

1)The main flue gas is heavy oil or diesel combustion smoke and sand, stone drying process dust, water gas and asphalt smoke.

2)because of the large dust particles at the air outlet, the first stage inertia dust removal is required, which not only protects the filter bag from the shock of Mars, but also reuses the recovered fine powder.

3)The temperature of dust-containing gas from drying heating drum to bag dust collector is generally between 150 ℃ and 190 ℃. In asphalt factory, the moisture of sand and aggregate is a common problem, which increases the humidity of dust-containing gas.

4) the heating and drying system of the material is that the aggregate is fully heated by fuel injection combustion. A small amount of physicochemical oil is not sufficiently burned, and it is easy to cause the paste bag when the dust gas enters the bag dust collector. Therefore, the above factors should be taken into account in the selection of the filter bag. To ensure the stable operation of the system, we recommend the use of NOMEX, aramid and its composite filter media.

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